Top 10 Best Galaxy S4 Wallet Cases

If you need a Galaxy S4 wallet case that is reliable, the following cases can have a lot of cool features that are also practical. You can choose the best Galaxy S4 wallet case from the list below:

1. Genuine Full Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S4 ($39.99)

galaxy s4 leather case

This wallet case is a handmade from Israel pro designer. It looks elegant with a dark brown color and the leather is beautifull and flexible. It has four smaller pockets for credit cards and two large side pockets. If you are looking for a high end leather wallet case for Galaxy S4, grab this one.

2. SmartFlex Card for Samsung Galaxy S4 ($39.95)

speck smartflex card galaxy s4

The case is flexible and durable and has a card slot that allows up to three cards to be held, or folded paper (bills, cash or various documents). This makes it a great solution for those who do not want to carry their wallets with them. Other positive characteristics of the case are: easy to take off and put on, screen impact protection, easy to push card out, slim fit, soft rubber lining and lightweight. Disadvantages of this product can be the price and the glossy back, on which you can easily see a lot of fingerprints.

3. ILuv Jstyle Genuine Leather Wallet Case for Galaxy S4 ($69.99)

iluv jstyle leather wallet case galaxy s4

Jstyle is a premium leather wallet case for Galaxy S4 that has a mate finish, four slots for credit cards, two large pockets and an ID window and also, protection from hits and scratches, on all sides.

4. Chapther IV The Book Genuine Vintage Leather Galaxy S4 Wallet Case  ($34.99)

chapter iv the book galaxy s4 wallet case

This high quality Galaxy S4 wallet case is designed to look like a vintage book. It is made of genuine leather. Cards, papers and money can be safe in the holder and well organized. You can open it and close just like a wallet and when it is closed, it protects the multi-touch screen. Choose this one if you are looking for a book type wallet case for your Galaxy S4.

5. Charbonize Galaxy S4 Wallet Case (€49)

carbonize wallet case galaxy s4

This is not a regular case, but a true wallet, made from vegetable tanned leather and recycled wool felt. It has a pull strap and the wool felt offers protection against piling and can be water repellent.

6. Incipio Watson Wallet Case for Galaxy S4 ($35.98)

incipio watson wallet case galaxy s4

The vegan leather cover (which is eco-friendly) has three card slots, in which you can wear your ID, cards and cash. Two of the best features of this case are the detachable feather and the elastic band closure. The band closes the wallet and makes it safe.

7. Sena Magia Leather Wallet for Samsung Galaxy S4 ($54.95)

magia wallet galaxy s4

The product is an innovative solution for your phone, made from handcrafted premium leather. It has a three slot card holder, a pocket that can be used for many purposes and the Magia Tape adhesive, which can secure your phone.

8. Proporta Barbour Wallet Case for Samsung Galaxy S4 ($54.95)


A case that is for those who love luxury and the price is according to this aspect. The materials from Barbour jackets are used for the case and they are of a great quality. Access to all phone function is allowed, but protection against scratches and falls if offered as well. The closure uses a magnetic clasp system.

9. Tuff-Luv Vintage Leather Wallet Case Galaxy S4 ($59.99)

tuff-luv vintage leather wallet galaxy s4 case

This genuine leather case is not only meant to serve as a wallet, but also as a horizontal stand, similar to the one tablets can have. Closed with a magnetic clasp and having a free screen protector, this case offers slots for cards and other features that are general.

10. Zenus Italian Vintage Quilt Diary Wallet Galaxy S4 Case ($59.99)

Zenus Italian Vintage Quilt Diary Wallet  Galaxy S4

Handmade from genuine leather, the case looks like the diary of a girl. Best features are: a hand strap hole, excellent grip and very good fit.

Let us know what’s your favorite wallet case for Galaxy S4. Have you bought one of them? why you don’t share the point of view about the case by commenting on the form below.